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Pearl And Amethyst Flower Earrings

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Often viewed as a stone of calmness and peace, Amethyst is considered to extend clarity and purity to the owner. It is a powerful stone that encourages sobriety in an individual. While Amethyst is all about divinity and peace, Pearl is a symbol of incorruptibility and perfection. It is also seen as a symbol of fertility and long life. Pearl is considered as a highly feminine stone, capable of attracting a lot of attention because of it’s simplicity and beauty. While women love Pearl jewellery, imagine having a pair of earrings studded with Pearl and Amethyst, together! Well, we’re talking about this beautiful pair of flower shaped earrings made up of 925 Sterling Silver, a completely Rose Gold Plated body and minute details that make it a perfect pick!

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Plating: Rose Gold Plated
Main stone: Amethyst and Pearl
Item: Flower Earrings


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